Sunday, July 13, 2008

Through the leaves :)

Here are some of the other designs I have done, please feel free to leave comments

Saturday, June 28, 2008

birds, birds everywhere!

Here are some of my new paintings that I have been working on.
These images were in part inspired by Lizelle's love for a pillow that we saw in the movie PS I love you, and also me just wanting to have fun and not do anything too complicated.
These are all bright and use the same images over and over again in different ways, I want to group them in different arrangements(by contrasting colors, but here they are loosing arranged in color groups)
These top ones are what they look like individually:

silver acrylic-shiny-ohhhh
trying something different :)

here are birds by groupings of same contrasting colors-

a different motif-leaves still in progress

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Weekend fun...

This past weekend I wanted to do some 'fun' abstract paintings that were mainly about color and not much thought about content...
this is what happened-enjoy :)

finished abstract #1

abstract base colors-#1
finished #2-sorry it's still drying and lots of glare on this photo

base colors for abstract #2

Saturday, January 26, 2008

last of old stuff-completed trio

Here is the completed trio of the painfully tedious paper shape cut-out project.
We used color chips(similar to paint chips) to exactly replicate the colors of three different out-door days:

sorry these didn't come out very well and my photoshop program is down- so no cutting or adjusting for me :(

The first was a sunny day:

A night time scene with dim light inside:and finally, a dismal, cloudy day:

Watercolor and some loose-ends...

Here are a couple of 'older' paintings and one new one.
This is my latest project-to continue with my color crazy paintings and use images from our recent vacation to Curacao.

One of my very cute Mommy-Mulder :)

The older ones-the candy bars-were a project about taking objects and changing their color- so color context project- I wanted to play with the idea of changing candy wrappers, since these are objects that most are familiar with(and I got to eat the candy after wards :)

more stippling fun- sorry poor image quality...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Photoshop Images

This was my final digital photo assignment- to use Photoshop as the main component with your images(well we could use any images we wanted). I was rather afraid of this assignment, but ended up really enjoying it- here's what I did:

A pic from J and I(courtecy of Lizelle :) and a photo I took of an old church/mission building window in San Antonio..
At Eddie and Joy's wedding I got to do Joy's hair and make-up and here are two images that I took and made one
crazy leaf-throwing-twirling self portrait images-rather cold that morning too :)
an image at the top of the sand dunes in Kleinmond
flipped and reversed image and color change
Langebaan 2004